Sustainable Packaging

Indonesia is home to numerous manufacturing facilities that create packaging for a myriad products including food and drink, cosmetics, medications, and personal care. All these industries command specific considerations to ensure product safety which are closely adhered to successfully.  In addition, due in part to Indonesia’s inherent cultural respect for the environment and to the vital role tourism plays in its economy, particular attention is paid to the environmental impact of these facilities and their products on the land, air, water, vegetation, and sea life.

While reducing use is the best way to stem the ubiquitous presence of waste, this isn’t always possible. As such, many companies in Indonesia recognize that to remain competitive, sustainability requires environmental responsibility and considers it an integral part of any new product development process. They continually look at ways to develop lighter weight packaging, content that is 50% made of recycled content and eventually, that is 100% recyclable. Companies also continually look at ways to further reduce emissions in product manufacturing.